Rust Edu

Rust education in academia (and beyond)

Who are we?

Rust Edu is an organization dedicated to supporting Rust education in the academic environment.

While we are initially focused on colleges and universities, in the longer term we hope to broaden our scope to a full range of Rust-related learning and growth initiatives.

We believe that we can work with the Rust community to provide tools and educational support for technology students and faculty to learn and build in new and better ways, while also helping to drive the adoption of Rust as a key technology for decades to come.

Our goals

The most immediate goals of the organization are as follows:

  • Design a flexible Rust-based curriculum for higher education.
  • Develop and promote tools and services which assist in this education.
  • Improve the overall learnability of the Rust programming language.

Mission statement

To spread Rust use and development through academic curricula and communities throughout the world. To make Rust the language of choice for "systems programming" in its broadest sense through the shared efforts of faculty, students and the Rust community.

How can I help?

We welcome any educators, sponsors, and potential collaborators who share our vision for the future of Rust education to get in touch with us at We also have a Zulip instance, where you can chat with the Rust Edu team and community.

Code of Conduct

We operate in accordance with the Rust Community Code of Conduct.